About Us

Datum 9 Analytics LLC is an SEC-registered investment management firm, trading client and proprietary assets in global financial markets through commingled hedge fund vehicles which we manage.

Founded by visionary investment strategist William George Greig after stepping down from his leadership roles at William Blair & Co., Datum 9 Analytics LLC’s differentiated approach to hedge fund investing embodies George’s 35 years of innovation in the investment management industry.

We are dedicated to our goal of producing superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors by adhering to a set of processes driven by the application of systematic fundamental analytics. As such, we employ investment approaches that leverage our deep fundamental expertise and our quantitative investment experience.

Our core investment capabilities include public equities - long/short and long-only - where tactical views are taken on specific allocations. Datum 9 Analytics LLC invests globally, focusing on developed and emerging markets alike. Our approach spans multiple sectors and geographies, allowing us to dynamically construct our portfolios and target opportunities based on what we believe to be their relative risk-reward profile.

Our investment team collectively brings to bear decades of experience in traditional and quantitative research, portfolio design, and process development, as we look to optimize the utilization of knowledge-based inputs and empirical data sets. Our portfolios are designed to seek issuer diversity, multiple style characteristics, and excess return within factor exposure classes.

Datum 9 Analytics LLC is headquartered in the South Pointe neighborhood of Miami Beach, Florida. At the nearby Government Cut inlet, NOAA’s National Ocean Service maintains tidal monitoring station 8723178, where mean sea level is currently 9 feet above the station datum. NOAA’s sea level trend model for the area has projected an increase of 2.39 mm/year.